Lara Dillon

Former FBI agent and Regal of Secrets



Affliction – No one can get a secret from me without my consent 5
Affliction – I still want Time Eater 1
Affliction – The FBI still wants my advice 2

Bond – I need to find out dangerous secrets 2
Bond – I am friends with a Noble outside my Familia 1 (Joan Yarneater)
Bond – I want to help my Familia 1
Bond – I still look out for my old partner Nora Thomas 1

Aspect: 3
Domain: 5 (Regal of Secrets)
Persona: 0
Treasure: 0
(1) Unblemished Guise
Divine Mantle 5

Estate properties

Secrets are dangerous 2
Secrets hide things 2
Secrets are painful 1
Secrets try to be honorable 1
Secrets try to protect people 1


You can tell me anything 1
My honor is more important than your pain 2
Skill: Tradecraft (spying) 3
Cool: 2

Domain Miracle Table

0 Know when something endangers Secrets

1 Briefly make someone feel secretive, make something feel like it should be a secret, make someone feel like they have a secret.

2 Find the details of someone’s secret, know everything about a particular secret, make a secret more secret.

3 Make a secret stronger

4 Make something a secret, gather the people involved with a secret, cloak myself in secrets and become harder to see

5 Make a secret publicly known, know information about things a secret has touched, make everyone involved forget a secret, know the future of a secret

6 Make a secret impossible to reveal or to forget, change the purpose of a secret, change the holder of a secret, change the target of a secret, change the destiny of a secret, strengthen a secret, protect secrets

7 Make a secret government agency whose job is to comfort the weak around the world. Secretly.

8 Destroy secrets, Destroy all secrecy in the US making it a completely transparent nation.

9 Create a secret and everything involved with it (people, objects, locations) out of thin air, manipulate sharks as if they were instances of “dangerous”, connect all secrets into a worldwide conspiracy stretching back to beginning of human history


Lara Dillon grew up in a military family, so she rarely lived in the same place for very long. She learned to make friends quickly, but rarely got close to anyone. Although she had considered her own career in the military, she had a greater interest in law enforcement. Perhaps it provided stability that military life lacked.

She was recruited for the FBI right out of college and joined the counterintelligence division.
Soon she gained a reputation as an excellent investigator and had a knack for getting information out of informants. But the one who was more than willing to talk got her where she is today.

He easily exploited official channels to expose corrupt officials. And his tips were always at
just the right time. Lara was convinced he was on the inside, if not part of the corruption. It
looked like powerful outside forces were influencing the government, but she had no idea just how far outside they truly were.

After he implicated the head of the FBI in this scheme, she needed to track down this
well-connected informant. But his mastery of bureaucracy made it easy for him to evade a physical meeting. Acting on his tip about her boss was far easier. Once she knew where to look, the trips to the Ukraine seemed obvious. Why had no one noticed this before?

Lara scouted out the likely meeting spots and was ready the next time he visited the Ukraine. His light security was easy to evade. She slipped into his meeting room in the back of a formerly opulent restaurant. It seemed like a cold war fantasy until what looked like the prototypical demon walked in. Horns, hooves, the stink of sulphur – he could have said he was the Devil and Lara would have believed him. For a moment.

Then Yashiel leaned down and whispered the Secret of Nobility to Lara – and suddenly she knew. She knew the secrets here, the secrets of her informant, and the secrets of the one manipulating him. Secrets she had to keep even from Yashiel.

She made her way to 34 on a secret Russian space mission and found she still had a great deal to learn about the world.

Lara Dillon

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