Our chancel on Yashiel’s secret space station and where good Freemasons go when they die.

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Thirty-Four [Auctoritas 3 Chancel]

Thirty-four is the Freemasonic secret space station in orbit around
the Earth. It is only reachable by a ritual known only to very few.

Thirty-four is larger on the inside than on the outside, like the
TARDIS. Inside, it is an eternal beautiful city, forever expanding. It
features neat, manicured parks as well as buildings and streets laid
out according to a careful occult logic.

Thirty-four serves as an afterlife for all good Freemasons. These
souls are sometimes referred to as Cybermasons due to the advanced
technology they interact with and integrate into themselves. They are
eternally youthful and beautiful. Since women cannot be Masons in
orthodox Freemasonry, they are all men.

The most blessed of the Cybermasons sometimes are allowed to spend
time with Yashiel.

On the satellite, the deceased Freemasons can work on projects of
architecture, futuristic technology, and social design. They can use
elaborate telescopes to spy on the Earth, and there are surveillance
devices throughout the Chancel. (Thirty-Four is not a place where one
expects much privacy.)

Properties of 34

  • Good works are rewarded.
  • Order provides power.
  • Your mind orders the World.
  • Our eyes are on you.


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