The Shadow of Heaven

Sweet Jane's Love Letter

This session began with Father Christopher Landrum, the recently created Noble of Rituals, arriving at 34, the Masonic Space Station that is the Chancel of the angel Yashiel, the Imperator of Secrets, Rituals and Satellites. As the angel had brought him there bodily through the void of space, he was a bit overwhelmed at first. However, with the help of Kostochka, a stone spirit who is the Noble of Satellites, he was able to adapt fairly quickly, and settled into the Cathedral-like residence of Ritual’s former Noble.
That was fortunate because only a couple of weeks later the third member of their family arrived. Lara Dylan arrived by spaceship, and became the Noble of secrets upon entering the station. While she was also rather shaken, with Christopher and Kostochka to help her, she was soon settled in and eating barbecue with her new siblings in one of 34’s more down home establishments. Kostochka and Christopher ably filled her in on the rules of her new world, and answered some of her many questions.
While they were there, Yashiel appeared and informed them that they were to serve as a special ops team in Heaven’s age old war with the Excrucians. She said that she’d arranged a meeting for them in the Chancel of her ally, Dina. After she left, Kostochka revealed that her former teammates had died holding the line so that Dina’s Familia (DF) could return an object containing key information to their imperators.
The next day, Yashiel’s Familia (YF) went to The Main Office, Dina’s chancel, where they were to have dinner and receive instructions on their first Excrucian hunting mission. There they met Dina’s Familia: Joan Yarneater, the Noble of Kittens; John Smith, the Noble of Bureaucracy; and Katherine Davies, the Noble of Good Government. John was nondescript but friendly and capable, Kate was attractive, pleasant and businesslike, and Joan was entirely covered in kittens. When Christopher admired her kittens, she gave him a small black and white one which he named Luna.
They also met Dina herself, a bustling, cheerful woman who more resembled an office manager than an angel.
After a dinner of slightly better than mediocre chicken, the group got down to business. Dina told them that she had information that an Excrucian was operating out of Fresno, CA.
After initial reconnaissance (by satellite) pointed them in the direction of disappearing mailboxes and a love letter from a young girl that never reached its destination, YF decided to make their way down into Fresno and investigate more closely. They arranged a “kitten phone” through Joan’s connection to Luna and DF agreed to continue working on finding out who the Noble or Imperator of Mail was.
When they reached Fresno (by elevator), YF set up a command center in the Starbucks near Fresno State. Lara used her incredible spy skills to hack into the city’s many surveillance cameras and set up a network that covered the entire city, focusing on all the mailboxes. Father Christopher used his power of ritual to imbue the group of students at the Starbucks with structure and purpose. Kostochka used her shine to make the students especially effective assistants.
Once they were established, Kostochka connected herself to all of the mailboxes in Fresno, and used that connection to talk to them about what had been happening. The mailboxes were very frightened; they knew that many of their fellows had gone silent. Kostochka was able to ascertain that the mailboxes that were disappearing all were connected; they’d been talking to each other via the mail.
Kostochka had also learned where the love letter in the vision had been sent from and who had sent it (a girl named Jane Smith). While Lara and Kostochka manned the command center, Father Christopher went to that address. However,when he spoke to the woman there, he learned that she no longer remembered having any children. Concerned that people were now missing as well, he started back towards the Starbucks, but was contacted by Lara who suggested he go stake out the mailbox that was most connected to the others that had been taken.
When he got there, Father Christopher chose to watch what happened in the true world. He saw the mailman come and collect the mail. He also saw a letter the mailman somehow never quite touched. After the mailman left, the mailbox disappeared. Christopher followed the mailman and managed through sleight of hand to steal the letter, which he discovered he could only touch when he was looking at the true world.
Christopher returned to the Starbucks, where he showed the other members of YF the letter. They discerned through Father Christopher’s divination that it was the focus of a Flower Rite – and something else. Since further divination seemed to be hitting a wall of Auctoritas, the group eventually decided that Christopher should go back to the chancel and try it there.
At the chancel, Father Christopher had a conversation with the letter, which was intimately connected to his estate. It eventually revealed that, not only was it the focus of the flower rite, but also it had been taken out of complete existence when Jane Smith rejected having accidentally sent it so strongly that she rejected its reality and became an Excrucian deceiver. By destroying the ritual with the power of his domain, Father Christopher was able to end the flower rite. When he did, the envelope exploded in a cloud of heart shaped confetti, leaving Christopher with a lingering aura of desirability to young women (girls love me).

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