social rock spirit / Pawn of Satellites


Bonds & Afflictions
• Affliction: I can only manipulate stone & metal while ethereal 4
• Affliction: I can’t give up without being ordered to do so 3
• Affliction: I do not understand non-mechanical technology 1
• Affliction: I am stone 1
• Bond: I protect the person who has last worn me 3
• Bond: I spend lots of time as jewelry 2
• Bond: I resent & support my home community 2
• Bond: I love the seer Ambrus Bekesi 1
Aspect 0 (5) Peak Performance; +3 to most relevant Passion / Skill
Domain 0 (5) Satellites-Driven Divination, max Divine Mantle = 0
Persona 3 (5) Lesser Emulation, max Auctoritas Magister = 3
Secondary Persona (Stone) 3
Treasure 4 (5) Getting Some Help
Shapeshifter [1 CP]
Lesser Enchantment of Stones, automatic, self only, limited, Common
Allows me to shift between an immobile stone form and a small, “ethereal” winged humanoid rock spirit. I can take on the form of any small semi-precious stone, fitting myself into an available jewelry setting. As a stone, my Prosaic-world actions are limited to “sparkling” to get someone’s attention, or to the sorts of limited mobility associated with Conversation miracles. As a spirit, I can manipulate other stones and metals with approximately human dexterity & strength, and can speak quietly in the Prosaic world, but cannot otherwise interact with material objects. I can have normal conversations in the Border Mythic in either form.
Satellites Properties
• Satellites support the primary 3
• Satellites grant perspective 1
• Satellites are unobtrusive 1
• Satellites orbit 1
• Satellites never travel alone 1
Stone Properties
• Stone endures 2
• Stone provides a strong foundation 2
• Stone weighs things down 1
• Stone is set in its ways 1
Anchors Servant’s Rite Exceptional Quality
|. Name |. Class |. Location |. Description |
| Ambrus Bekesi | single, wondrous | western Romania | seer / widower |
| [the person who last wore me] | single, mundane | with me | currently: Marie Plummer |
| Dezmir domovoi & leshii | collection, wondrous | southeast Romania | feral spirits of forest and village |
Skills & Passions Will 8
• Passion: Can’t we all just get along? 3
• Superior Skill: Rock crafting 2
• Skill: Social awareness 2
• Shine 4
Wound Levels: 2 Normal, 1 Tough, 2 Divine


My tale begins in the Hoia-Baciu forest, over a week’s hike west of the Black Sea, some years before the Plague of Justinian. I was born there, into a community of domovoi that guarded the town of Dezmir. My own house was a stone mansion belonging to the local jeweler – the renowned Jozsef Gerevich. Master Gerevich was known for many leagues in each direction – both for his keen eye and in his skill in working both silver and gold to make the finest settings.

For the most part, the town was remote and self-sufficient, and had little trade with the wider world. The humans were content. My good homeowner, however, would make the occasional trip with his friends to other towns or the distant coast. He would sell his fine wares to the merchants and bring back uncut stones and raw metals or damaged jewelry he planned to remake. In this way he and our family grew prosperous – and through them, so did the town.

After one trip – like any other of the many he had been on – one of the men with the master craftsman returned with a slight cough. At first we thought nothing of it, but he soon began to show black welts – and these spread rapidly throughout the town. The friend who showed the first symptoms was dead within a week, and by that point many others were showing blackened fingers or armpits, or had developed a heavy cough. Indeed, within a month, the entire town was very ill – except Master Gerevich’s household. By that point we were blamed for the infection. It was said that he had brought the plague home with him. Others claimed he was a wizard who had sold the town to a devil for a handful of gems. And the humans were not the only ones telling these tales. As people became too sick to care for their homes, their domovoi became more and more angry. I did what I could to strengthen the walls and door of our mansion, and to protect our family. My friends, the other domovoi of Dezmir, cursed me and claimed I had helped Gerevich betray them. Within two months, even Jozsef Gerevich’s wife Rozalia was noticeably ill – and nearly everyone outside our home was dead. A few months later, the entire town had died. Goodman Gerevich himself was the last to expire.

I had thought that when the plague had finally run its course, I would be able to speak to my neighboring spirits, to make peace with them, and to convince them that neither I nor Jozsef had played a role in the horrible illness that had tortured our homeowners to death while we stood helpless. It was not so. With the town in ruin, with rats running unchecked through the streets and houses, we all went mad. There was fighting between us. I had some friends, but not many – and I did my best to protect my home, to strengthen the walls into a mausoleum for my friend’s unshriven corpse. This continued for several years – with me becoming ever more insular and barricaded by stone as the animals and the trees and the leshii took over the rest of the town. Eventually, it was the leshii who convinced the remaining feral domovoi to drive me out. There was little I could do – with birds nesting in the chimney and squirrels having gnawed through the doors and shutters to shelter in the larder. When the trees and the tree-spirits claimed the building, when the other domovoi finally gave up their own homes to help destroy mine, I was forced to leave.

I wept. I traveled aimlessly for some years, only occasionally returning to my former home. I never stay long. Spirits have long memories, and the woodland spirits who conquered the town have no love for me. The domestic spirits have grown less hateful than they were, but Gerevich is still blamed for bringing home the plague which destroyed the town. By extension, so am I. They may be right.

I spent much of the time sleeping as the stone in a necklace or ring, choosing a new form and a new setting for myself when I was lost, or when I came across a person or item which seemed to need me. Eventually I reached the hands of Ambrus Bekesi, a seer and hedge-mage who had recently lost his wife Eva. I brought in a woman’s necklace and set myself in it, taking the form of a cameo, hoping to cheer him. He immediately recognized me for what I was – a house spirit intimately familiar with the ways of stone. He managed to speak with me while I remained physical – a feat no one had done since I lived with Master Gerevich as a proper domikha. We talked long into every night, telling each other what we knew of spirits and magic. I taught him the lore of stones and he taught me the many ways the world had changed during my long hiatus. He had used his magic to extend his lifespan, but regretted it when he lost Eva…. I helped him through his despair and in so doing, I became… attached… to him.

Then one morning an angel came into Ambrus’s home. She was immaculate, her skin and wings glowing with a searing light that made the unclouded noonday sun seem like deepest night by comparison. Bekesi bowed low to the marvelous being – and she smiled at him. I huddled inside my setting, trying my best to hide the blemishes in my image. She reached out to me and spoke no words – but her meaning was clear. I followed her then, and she took me away into the sky. After some instruction in the ways of the Masons, and in those of the Nobilis, I was allowed to return. I met with Ambrus and explained that although I would visit him when I could, I now had other duties….

I still spend time as jewelry, whenever my duties allow, but am more purposeful in choosing my wearer – and more active in protecting them. I have reinforced my ties to Ambrus and to my home community. It is not comfortable to use either, but both have served me on occasion. In return I do my best to protect them from the hazards of being associated with me and see to it that they do not want for life’s necessities. In the time I have been with Yashiel and 34, I have seen the humans create wonders which I would neither have imagined nor witnessed during my years as a more limited being. The species which traveled by foot or horseback in my youth has now walked on the Moon and dropped the fires of Hell on their neighbors… I am excited to see their growing power but hope they soon learn to cooperate more smoothly. Too many of them are dying. Too many of them are killing.

Perhaps we can help. But we also must deal with threats from beyond Earth and from beyond Creation.


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